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The world of 3D and the world of web design have come together, opening up exciting new opportunities for almost any industry imaginable. Whether your business is live events, advertising, product design, education, engineering, or real estate – everyone can benefit.

With extensive experience in the world of broadcasting, motion graphics, 3D & 2D animation, and web design, we’re on the cutting edge of where art meets technology, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Our AR & VR runs natively on both desktop browsers AND across mobile devices via your web browser - With No App necessary. Your augmented and virtual reality scenes are ready to be viewed both in VR headsets, or simply through your phone or other device with no special equipment. That Means:
  • No Huge Apps or Files cluttering your phone
  • No 3rd party apps to subscribe to (and pay for)
  • No learning curve
  • No Watermarks or Ads except your own
  • No 3rd party like Google or Facebook taking ownership of your content

Hyper-Realistic Architectural & Interior Design

A NEW Generation of 3D Visualizations for Architecture & Interior Design

With a combination of Augmented Reality and immersive VR visualizations, both architects and interior designers can step into their designs and present them to clients in new and bold ways. Our 3D Environments can be rendered in ultra high-definition for VR walkthroughs, embedded in your website, or brought into real life with our web-native augmented reality!

Bring Your Products
To Life

Product visualization and design are propelled to the next level. Every business and every customer can benefit from incorporating 3D into their marketing and website.

Use the dropdown menu to see this shoe change styles - and see it from every angle!


Tradeshows & Events

We can help plan, design, visualize, and map out both events and venues from top to bottom. Tradeshows, stadiums, airports and public spaces can benefit by helping you maximize not only your ad space, your physical space and online presence as well.



AR Made Easy

We’re focused on making augmented and virtual reality fun and available for everyone! Our virtual worlds are securely hosted online and accessed right in any web browser – with no app necessary! No App to download

your 3D objects and VR scenes are ready to be viewed in both VR goggles, and as AR objects with no special equipment or apps!

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VECTOgrafix AR Flyer
VECTOgrafix AR Flyer

AR That
You Print at Home

Scan the QR code on this flyer to see this AR Shadowbox in action!

Capture or livestream your next event, wedding or concert


Featured Animation

  • AR Image

    AR Floorplan

    AR Floorplan for brochures and direct mail pieces

Interactive VR Tours

amazing caves coverimage

Pawtuckaway Lake

Nottingham, NH

Pawtuckaway VR QR

Learning is

Using combinations of 3D animation, 360 images & video, and web development, we can not only simulate environments and experiences but add extra layers of interactivity – the sky is the limit.

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DirectMail VR headset

LIGHTER GEAR | Better Branding

Brand your reality for less

There are dozens of ways to view your reality without heavy, cumbersome gear to buy or carry around.

We can design your personalized viewer for less than the cost of most promotional materials. Why give out pens or T-shirts when you can do something so much more memorable?

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